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A Chinese media to publish on the negative impact of online gaming


A sudden drop was observed in the shares of Tencent & NetEase when a Chinese state media tagged online gaming to opium. However, the article was deleted soon after it was published. The shares of Tencent saw a 6% drop while NetEase closed down at 8%. The article published that online gaming addiction would have a negative impact on their growth. In 2020 more than half the children were nearsighted & online games affected their education. In 2018, Beijing imposed rules for approving new games from the regulators. In 2019, China bought a ban on those under 18 years to play online games between 10 pm & 8 am. NetEase & Tencent have their own measures that include using real name registrations to play games. Tencent had also introduced a facial recognition feature on smartphones to verify that the player is an adult. Tencent also has norms that restrict children under 12 years to spend money on games. The gaming giant Tencent also has its measures to crack down on identity fraud to find juveniles using an adults’ account to play games. This is being implemented from the game “Honour of Kings”. 

Source: CNBC

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