The Business, Financial, and Technology Law Review (BFTLR) is a student-run initiative to provide a platform to students, academicians, and other professionals interested in exploring the amalgamation of business and financial laws with technology and thereby help foster research in this area which has become more relevant than ever. The 2019 pandemic is a great example of how technology helped businesses and law to tide over various challenges. It will now not be wrong to say that the future lies in technology and it will have a great impact on how the corporate sector will make legal decisions. It is this understanding of the importance of the infusion of these diverse spheres of law that led to the fruition of BFTLR. Our primary aim is to make contributions to legal scholarship in the areas of business law and technology; financial law and technology; the social impact of technology and the law thereof in the commercial sector and lastly it caters to the evolution of jurisprudence of these different legal areas. We strive to create a forum where students, researchers, innovators, and all stakeholders can indulge in discussions and deliberations to help find solutions to challenging issues in the sectors discussed above. Our focus would be both on the Indian as well as international perspectives pertaining to these areas.


The ever-increasing reliance of the commercial sector on technology has brought many issues to the forefront in recent decades. Although there are existing forums dealing with business law, technology law, etc., specifically there are very few which deal with the infusion of business law, finance, and technology. The intersection of these themes constantly presents different challenges that are highly relevant and crucial to understand. We aim to contribute to the propagation of knowledge to diverse sections of the society and bring about diverse perspectives on these which, in the long term, can help bring about clarity on contentious issues and impact policy reforms in this context. We intend to also bring together individuals interested in these fields and help foster this academic community, with a special focus on students.


The theme Business, Financial, and Technology Law is a broad theme and comprises all the sub-subjects that the Business and Financial laws cover, respectively. To give a tentative list of the subjects; BFTLR is open for analytical research on subjects including, Law of Contracts, Sale of Goods, Labour or Employment Laws, Law on Arbitration and alternate dispute redressal mechanisms, Competition laws, Consumer Law, Law on Pension and gratuity, Corporate Laws, Insurance Laws,  Immigration Law, Intellectual Property Rights, M&A, Telecommunications, Crypto-currency, cyber law, Agency Laws, Artificial Intelligence, and other subject matters within the broader definition of business and financial sector, inclusive of any profession or occupation.



  • To provide easy access to authentic information regarding new developments in the above-mentioned sectors.
  • To create and encourage the growth of a community sharing interests in these areas.
  • To foster debate, discussion, and academic writing among individuals.
  • To provide real-time solutions to the contemporary problems in these areas.
  • To further our objectives and carry forward academic research to help the legal development of these areas, we encourage you all to become part of our various initiatives and make active contributions to the same.


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