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AI to design chips much faster than humans


Google has claimed that it has developed an AI software that can design computer chips faster as compared to humans. In a research paper of the journal nature, it has been published that a chip that can be designed by humans in months will be designed using the AI in less than six hours. The authors of the paper, Azalia Mirhoseini & Anna Goldie, had written that their method has been used in production to design the next generation of Google TPU. Google’s new AI helps in drawing the chip’s floorplan. This involves placing the components like CPUs, GPUs & memory on the silicon die in a position on the minuscule board. This positioning of the components is an important aspect of the chip’s power consumption & processing speed. The AI system has a deep reinforcement learning system an algorithm that designs the floorplan effortlessly. AI is trained in such a way that it finds the best combination of components that will increase its computational efficiency. The system is thus fed with 10,000 such floorplans so as to learn what works & what doesn’t. The AI system uses a scattered approach in a randomized order to design chips. This is going to be a major breakthrough in the semiconductor industry. There is also a threat that such time-saving techniques will rob the people of their necessary core skills.

Source: CNBC

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