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Allegro to work on its expansion plans


Polish e-commerce platform Allegro is planning to build its own parcel lockers network. Allegro was founded 20 years back as a competitor to eBay. It saw a boost in its sales during the pandemic when customers depended upon online shopping. The expansion strategy has several elements to it that include organic. They want to export from the Polish website. Also, they are working on having an English version of the website. A deal is also signed to deliver offers for merchants to trade with European Union countries. Allegro’s dominance in Poland is put to test after the entrance of the retail group Amazon & more such companies building their own parcel locker machines. The competition from the already established players that are fighting for market share is the cause of concern. It’s SMART! The subscription program has increased its revenue from 28.4% to 1.31 billion zlotys. They are expecting a boost in revenue with its new ventures that include network & logistics service, Allegro Fulfillment & payment service Allegro Pay.

Source: Reuters

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