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Amazon to give preferential treatment to Cloudtail

By BFTLR Team & one of its biggest sellers in India, Cloudtail have decided to end their relationship on the grounds of allegations from brick-and-mortar retailers that the seller has received preferential treatment. A joint venture of about seven years between Amazon & India’s Catamaran has mutually come to an end. Amazon has denied this allegation saying that it does not give any preferential treatment. The Reuters investigation ended up in finding that Amazon publicly called Cloudtail an independent seller offering goods on its marketplace website. The internal company documents revealed the U.S. company was involved in expanding it, to circumvent the country’s foreign investment laws. The revelation has led to charge an investigation of Amazon. Arvind Singhal, chairman of retail consultancy Technopak Advisors believes that this relationship is coming to an end before it comes under scrutiny. The Reuters investigation has found that Amazon applied discounted fees to Cloudtail & another seller Appario. Meanwhile, India’s Supreme court ruled out that Amazon & Walmart’s Flipkart will have to face antitrust investigations ordered against them in India.

Source: Reuters

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