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Apple to enter Automotive industry?

In the early 2010s automotive manufacturers made an attempt to connect smartphones to cars by partnering with companies like Microsoft. They came up with services for maps, music & on-road assistance. Apple’s initiative CarPlay came in the scenario in 2014 to integrate iPhone with the car’s dashboard. Over the last year, about 80% of cars supported CarPlay which included models from Volkswagen, BMW, Chrysler & Toyota. 23% of car buyers in U.S. say they must have CarPlay & 56% are interested in having CarPlay.

Apple is making efforts to act as an interface between customers & automotive industry. CarPlay might not play a major role in the revenue or profits of Apple but it will surely create a pathway for Apple in automotive industry. CarPlay is a top player in the infotainment operating systems which gives the iPhone users access to their apps like Apple or Google Maps, playing Apple music or Spotify or sending a message while driving. CarPlay & its rival Android Auto are more of phone software instead of a car operating system. Many users are interested in this infotainment system display which renders stuff form the phones. During the initial phase of CarPlay a cord was used to connect the phone to the car. In 2015, Apple started with wireless Bluetooth connections enabling users to connect their phones instantly with this feature. Since 2014, media reports that Apple is exploring into the software used for self-driving an electric vehicle. As per the Reuters reports, Apple could sell software & hardware instead of making cars. CarPlay is an attempt to make iPhones more desirable as it provides the benefits such as making Apple Music subscriptions more feasible to play for the users while driving. CarPlay is free in most of the vehicles. CarPlay collects data although anonymous to ensure privacy, it gives raw data to understand what people like to do in their cars.

Source: CNBC

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