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Apple TV+’s free subscription to last only for three months


Apple TV+ costs worth $4.99 per month. Apple services like Music & iCloud is bundled up in a package called Apple One starting at $14.95 per month. But many subscribers are not paying. So a scheme was started since September 2019, anyone who bought an Apple product including an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV+ or Apple watch will get the subscription for a year for free. During the pandemic, Apple extended the offer twice to people whose trial periods were about to expire. According to survey data, 62% of current subscribers are accessing Apple+ through the promotional packages. Now Apple is ready to scratch off the free plan. From July 1, people who would buy Apple products would get only 3 months of free Apple TV+. People who already had cashed on the trial won’t get it again. The lower price of the subscription is a result of fewer hours of movies & TV compared to other streaming services, $8 per month for Disney+ & $8.99 for a Netflix plan. Currently, Apple TV+ gives access to about 87 original TV shows, movies & documentaries. Apple has not licensed non-exclusive shows for its services, to fill out its catalog. Apple’s shows cast big names of producers & actors like Oprah & Steven Speilberg. Apple executives measure the show’s success based on award nominations. Apple’s original shows have received 112 awards & 389 nominations including Critics Choice awards, Golden Globes & Oscars. CEO of Apple Tim Cook himself praises a show “Ted Lasso” which is Apple TV+’s first big hit. Although Apple’s library of content has excellent shows they lack new releases which would hamper the profitability.  Apple does not provide the exact statistics. Around 206 million iPhones were sold based on which we could judge that tens of millions of people might have taken up the promotional offer for Apple TV. A Moffet Nathanson analysis of the survey says 29% of Apple TV+ subscribers do not wish to renew the subscription while 41% are in a dilemma. Only 30% of them wish to continue the paid subscription.

Cason says that Apple’s corporate strategy is not to increase the subscribers but to get the users hooked up with Apple’s services.

Source: CNBC

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