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Apple’s privacy policy to curb digital child exploitation


Apple has established a system that would flag images of child exploitation uploaded on the iCloud storage in the US. The privacy advocates are opposing this system claiming that it would also censor other kinds of content on people’s devices. Apple says that its system is improvised over industry-standard approach as its control of hardware & sophisticated mathematics to learn very little about the image on a person’s phone or cloud account while still flagging illegal child pornography. It doesn’t scan the actual image but compares hashes. Privacy advocates are worried about Apple being pressured by foreign governments to flag photos of protests or political memes. Apple’s new system is being criticized by its other competitors saying that the software will scan all the private photos on the phone even if they are not shared with anyone. Apple believes that the new system is capable of protecting the privacy of users also while eliminating illegal content. Apple has also introduced a pivot to privacy. This includes paid privacy services such as Private Relay is a service that hides user IP addresses & locations. Apple’s initiative of eliminating child exploitation isn’t a better version of what Google & Microsoft have been doing for years. The company’s policy follows

“What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone.”

Source: CNBC

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