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Automation, a solution for Chinese population

The labour market of world’s most populated country is facing a severe challenge in terms of ageing population & increasing wages. Ageing population is now the problem posed by China. China had enacted a one-child policy in the late 1970s as a measure to control overpopulation. The result of which is decline in the working age group by more than 5 million in the last decade reported by National Bureau of Statistics. Population of working age group is less despite the population of China being 1.4 billion. Hence the key to this issue can be automation. Apart from factories & warehouses, China is using Artificial Intelligence as a tool to come up with technologies like driver less cars. The testing hub for these driver less cars is a southern Chinese city, Guangzhou. A start-up, WeRide has come up with this technology for driver less cars & buses. Bringing up such automated vehicles would replace the jobs of taxi drivers. Automation can be held as a key solution to problems like ageing population & expensive labour.

Source: CNBC

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