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Deadline for compliance of IT rules on May 25

Facebook is working on compliance of IT norms which will come in effect from 26 May. According to the IT rules, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Whatsapp should appoint a Chief Compliance Officer, Nodal contact person & resident grievance officer. Appointment of a grievance officer is must to address public complaints & acknowledge requests. Non-compliance of IT rules by any social media company will exempt them from liabilities for third party information & data hosted. A 24 hour timeline to remove content flagging nudity & bringing up a time bound process for redressal mechanism has been activated. A threshold of about 50 lakhs registered users is the criteria for defining social media intermediary thus including biggies like Twitter, Facebook & Google. The announcement of IT guidelines was held in February. The significant social media providers based on number of users are given a timeline of three months which means the period meant for compliance will end by May 25. A monthly compliance report is expected of social media companies asking them details regarding the complaints received & action initiated on them. The contents removed from social media will also be tracked. A contact address in India needs to be published on website or mobile app giving easy access to users. User verification can be done voluntarily to verify users accounts. These new rules will make the social media platforms more accountable & responsible for any of the contents posted.

Source: Economic Times

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