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DigitalMint a company that helps victims make Bitcoin payments to ransomware


According to research firm Cybersecurity Ventures, a business falls victim to a ransomware attack every 11 seconds. Many of the companies have never dealt with bitcoin which is mostly used for ransom payments. The extortionists give instructions to businesses on how to set up bitcoin wallets or from where to procure bitcoins. An example of a full-service, final-mile crypto broker is DigitalMint. The company says that 90% to 95% of ransoms are paid through bitcoin. Also, Monero is a more popular option. Monero is more of a privacy token because cybercriminals get freedom from tracking tools & mechanisms. Last year, crypto-ransomware quadrupled from what it was in 2019. According to Chainalysis, the sum was around $350 million but the true numbers are somewhere around $1 billion.

Source: CNBC

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