Editorial Review Process

  1. On receiving a submission, a preliminary assessment of the manuscript will be carried out by the Assistant Editor to check whether the manuscript is of suitable length and whether the said article falls under the mandate of the Journal. The submissions may be rejected prima facie if the topic does not fit within the Objective and Mandate of the Journal.
  2. On completing the first stage, the manuscript will be recommended for a second review subject to changes. It will be reviewed on the contours of relevancy, contemporaneous literature, the novelty of thought, research, clarity, and argumentation. In case of acceptance, authors will receive suggestions from the Editors on the changes if any.
    Please note that a finding as to the suitability of the manuscript in the second stage is not a confirmation for publication, and is merely a recommendatory review.
  3. If a submission clears the second stage, Associate Editor finalises the decision for publication in the third stage.
  4. Please note that the publication in the journal will be contingent on authors incorporating the said changes proposed within the issued deadline.
  5. The whole review process takes a minimum of 30 days after receipt of the submission, on completion of which the authors will be duly informed regarding the same.
  6. Please note that submissions not conforming to these guidelines may be rejected without review. While we strive to provide substantive feedback for every submission we receive, it may not always be possible to do so, given a large number of submissions. We reserve the right to reject submissions without providing substantive feedback.
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