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Ericsson CEO on trusted sources, India competition, PLI scheme, spectrum price and 5G rollout  

More from a usage point of view, India should be one of the firsts in 5G and that’s driven really by the increase in data consumption. India can still be an early runner market in 5G, just because the economics in the network would support that. India is also moving at a good pace. And if you look, globally, India is not behind in that sense. There is an opportunity to keep this at a high speed. The US just had the auction on C band to be deployed in two tranches in the end of the year and in 2023. So in reality, other countries are struggling with this as well. In India, spectrum pricing has emerged as one of the challenges for bands like 700 MHz. Telcos have also been urging authorities to reduce the 5G base price.

Source: Economic Times

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