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EU to consider ban on using A.I. for mass surveillance and social credit scores

The 81-page document, which was first reported by Politico, says “indiscriminate surveillance of natural persons should be prohibited when applied in a generalised manner to all persons without differentiation.” Certain uses of “high-risk” AI in Europe could be banned altogether, according to the document, while others might not be able to enter the bloc if they fail to meet certain standards. Companies developing AI in and outside the EU could reportedly be fined 20 million euros ($24 million) or 4% of global revenue if they breach the yet to be introduced laws. The European Commission is trying to find the right balance between supporting innovation and ensuring AI benefits its 500 million plus inhabitants. Samim Winiger, an AI researcher in Berlin, stated that the EU is “far behind” China and the U.S. in the AI race.

Source: CNBC


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