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Facebook & Instagram to reinstate Trump’s account after two years

The Facebook & Instagram accounts will be reinstated in January 2023 after evaluating the risk to public safety of allowing Trump to redeem its services has reduced. The evaluation will be done on various bases like external factors, instances of violence, restriction on peaceful assembly & any other civil unrest. If the risk to public safety remains critical the restriction period will be increased. The revaluation will be performed until the risk reduces. Facebook said, whenever Trump will be allowed to avail of the services, a strict set of actions will be triggered if Trump violates the company’s content moderation policy. The suspension will withhold Trump from broadcasting to his followers until the 2022 U.S. midterm elections. Owing to the significance of the suspension before withdrawing the ban it becomes important for the board to review the judgment. The company has said that a two-year suspension is a safe timeline for the acts of the Jan 6 insurrection from deterring Trump & others from violating the guidelines. Trump criticized Facebook that despite this censoring & silencing they will win the next Presidential elections.

Source: CNBC

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