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Facebook to create a metaverse


Facebook is planning on creating a team that would work on the concept of a metaverse which involves creating digital worlds that would accommodate multiple people at the same time. The executive of Facebook Andrew Bosworth posted that this metaverse team is going to be a part of Facebook’s virtual reality group. Portal & Oculus has the ability to teleport you into a room with another person regardless of physical distances to new virtual worlds & experiences. The vision of metaverse is to build connective tissue between spaces & practically remove the physical limitations so one can move from one room to the next with ease. Vishal Shah, the executive in charge of products at Instagram is also amongst the team of Facebook’s metaverse. Metaverse is a technological up-gradation to smartphones & mobile internet where people can gather, play, work & socialize in groups. The metaverse is related to virtual reality & augmented reality technologies that are being developed by Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft & Facebook. Facebook is investing in AR & VR technologies on the basis of the capability of the company to control its own hardware instead of depending upon rules given by Apple or Google on their app stores.

“Metaverse is working on virtual reality headsets, mobile phones & game consoles. In the coming five years Facebook will transit from primarily being a social media company to a metaverse company,” says Mark Zuckerberg.

Source: CNBC

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