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Google translation AI botches legal terms ‘enjoin,’ ‘garnish’ -research

Translation tools from Alphabet Inc’s Google and other companies could be contributing to significant misunderstanding of legal terms with conflicting meanings such as “enjoin,” according to research presented at an academic workshop on Monday.

Google’s translation software turns an English sentence about a court enjoining violence or banning it. Google said machine translation is “is still just a complement to specialised professional translation” and that it is “continually researching improvements, from better handling ambiguous language to mitigating bias, to making large-quality gains for under-resourced languages.”When they translated a sentence about a court enjoining violence into 109 languages supported by Google’s software, most results erred. When spun back to English, 88 back translations said the court called for violence and only 10 properly said the court prohibited it.

The new paper said translation issues could lead to severe consequences as more businesses use AI to generate or translate legal text.

Source: Economic Times




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