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Hacking of $610 million just for fun!


Poly Network, the cryptocurrency platform lost $610 million in a hack offered the hackers a bug bounty offer of $500,000. The hacker has been named Mr. White Hat who has ethically returned the amount robbed for helping in the improvement of Poly Network’s security. The network is hoping that Mr. White Hat contributes towards the development of the blockchain sector after accepting the negotiation cash of $500,000. The hacker responded to the offer but did not accept the offer yet. The poly network is a decentralized Finance (DeFi) that facilitates peer-to-peer transactions that allow users to transfer tokens across various blockchains. The hacker has returned $340 million of assets & transferred the remaining bulk to a digital wallet. The hackers shared a digital message about their intentions behind stealing the currency was only fun & they had always planned to return the tokens. 

Source: Reuters

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