Inspired from Elon Musk’s dream project SpaceX, Bengaluru start up planning to plant 5G using satellite technology.

Bengaluru based Devas Multimedia is undertaking to launch satellite-based technology previously affiliated with Devas for 5G telecom deployment in the United States. Ramachandran Viswanathan, the founder and CEO of Devas Multimedia, also heads a start up in the US- Omnispace LLC, as its president. Omnispace aims to launch a smaller constellation of about 200 satellites to provide 5G services, with 15 in middle earth orbit and the rest in low earth orbit. Omnispace has also strike a deal with the French-Italian satellite manufacturer Thales Alenia Space, last year to develop two satellites for a SpaceX ride sharing mission in 2022.

Source: Indian Express


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