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At China Joy, one of the biggest game conferences held in Shanghai, e-commerce giant built a booth featuring a giant version of its dog mascot Joy where gamers gather to compete against each other. The display underscores’s ambition in the gaming zone. The firm based in Beijing is looking forward to a go-to place for young people to buy gaming-related goods & e-sports & partnerships with devices are the best way to do that. Millions of shoppers buy products on JD’s platform & also give feedback that would help in improvising their products. JD had launched its own e-sports team in 2017 called JD gaming. Also, it launched a mobile gaming team called JD Esports. Daniel Tan, president of JD mobile devices said that involvement in e-sports is a broader marketing push. They wish to build a platform where you think about gaming anything & you go to JD. Tan believes in creating an ecosystem before we cash out. He wants the participation of young people & to have a connection with such customers who would use JD.

Source: CNBC

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