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Meity states that reasonable restrictions necessary to maintain integrity

WhatsApp says that Rule 4(2) of the Intermediary guideline is unconstitutional & illegal. On the contrary, Meity said that posts related to extreme cases of rape, sexually explicit material, child sexual abuse or punishable offences harming the integrity & sovereignty of country will be reported. The government states that although it recognises the rights of privacy as a fundamental right of citizens there are reasonable restrictions to maintain law & order in the country. It questions the hypocrisy of WhatsApp where it is batting for privacy of users’ data & on the other hand its policy is to share the data with the parent company Facebook for marketing & advertising purposes. India has not proposed any such policy which would affect the functioning of WhatsApp. Rule 4(2) is applied universally to all the social intermediaries irrespective of the modes of their operation.

Source: Financial Express

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