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Online gaming industry touches Rs 7,700 crore: Study

Celebrity e-sportsmen Dynamo, MortaL, and the very famous CarryMinati, today have net-worth between Rs 14 and Rs 22 crore, with YouTube followers of up to 26 million. No wonder, they are bagging top brand endorsements and sponsorship deals. Popularity of gaming, including e-sports, has surged through the pandemic that has restricted mobility beyond home. The category expanded 12% in 2020, even as the growth was curtailed by a ban on PUBG. But after the pandemic, there was an increase of 90% in the number of people playing e-sports, while viewership doubled to 17 million, hosted across 14 broadcast platforms. The online gaming segment expanded 18% in 2020 to reach Rs 7,700 crore, said a FICCI-EY report. The number of gamers should reach 440 million by 2022, from about 360 million last year. Amazon saw a 2x rise in sales across categories while Asus said the gaming laptop segment has grown by 90-100% in 2020 and will further rise by 40-50% this year.

Source: Economic Times

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