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Polygon, now a part of Mark Cuban’s Company Portfolio

Polygon, an Indian cryptocurrency platform provides faster & cheaper transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Sandeep Nailwal, the co-founder of startup told that US- based billionaire investor, Mark Cuban has made investment in Polygon. Polygon is now a part of Mark Cuban’s company portfolio. The net worth of Cuban is $4.4 billion & has investments in over 100 companies. He is prominently involved in cryptocurrencies like ether & dogecoin. Nailwal was truly impressed by the discussion held with Cuban. He is far-sighted in the terms of nuances of industry. Polygon is a well-structured platform in infrastructure development. Polygon formerly called as Matic that solved pinpoints  associated with blockchain such as gas fees & slow speeds securely. Dallas Mavericks, owner of National Basketball Association has proposed the integration of Polygon & Native cryptocurrency of Polygon is Made in India Matic. During the last two weeks a drop of 30% & 35% was seen in the prices of bitcoin & ether respectively. At the same time Matic rose to about 90% including itself in the top 15 cryptocurrencies in the world.

Source: Livemint

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