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Rolls Royce’s most Ambitious Car- Boat Tail launched

Rolls Royce launches Boat Tail, the most ambitious car ever created. The Boat Tail is a for-seat car whose length is 5.8 meters. The shape of the vehicle resembles to a yacht deck. This luxury car is specially designed for three hand-picked clients while the price of the car remains to be unknown. The model is launched under a new division, Coach build, which aims to provide the most unique cars based on the demand of high-end clients. To own such a personalised car the purchaser had collaborated with the designer for a four year coach build program. The luxury features of the car include double refrigerators for vintage champagne and bespoke timepieces which are used to insert in the car as clock. More than 1800 such parts were developed. Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO of Rolls Royce told that the car is lovely, magnificent and involves the client at every step of the creation. The Coach build program is a very small portion of the business specially developed for selected clients. The clients should passionately engage his time in this journey.

Source: CNBC

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