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Software getting noisy to get recognition in the market

Recently many companies are ready to invest in sound to make their software out of the box. During the pandemic, computer usage has increased tremendously causing companies to rely on virtual platforms for their employees to stay in touch. These virtual apps include Slack, Microsoft Team, Outlook. All these virtual apps or instant messaging apps notify their users using custom sounds. Sound designing is a field of recording or synthesizing audio to fit the needs of a moment in creative work for a commercial, video game, or movie. A revolutionary move was bought about by Apple in the 2000s when the smartphone made a sound every time a user unlocked the screen or clicked a picture. Sound designers come up with their beeps & bloop using musical instruments, synthesizers, software, or even with the human voice. Google & Microsoft have silent chambers on their corporate campuses that sound designers use. Littlejohn hired by Facebook told that every sound designer carries a miniature recorder that is called field recorders, resembling a phone. They record sources all the time to manifest the sounds in their products.

Source: CNBC

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