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Twitter not ready to comply with the new Intermediary Guidelines?

The Government of India has sent a final notice to Twitter on Saturday to abide by the new Intermediary guidelines proposed by MeitY, failing which the microblogging will lose its intermediary status under the IT act & the IPC. The letter sent by MeitY states that in spite of two warnings in the past the company has failed to appoint a Chief compliance officer, a nodal officer & a grievance officer. The company has provided the address of a law firm stating it to be a physical address in India. No clarifications or compliance of rules is noted as a response to the Ministry’s letter. The consequences of this could be Twitter losing exemption as an intermediary under section 79 of the IT act, 2000. Although Twitter has been operational in India for a decade now Twitter Inc. has not taken any measures to create mechanisms that would enable the people of India to resolve their issues even when it is mandated by law. One last notice will be given to Twitter Inc. to comply failing which Twitter shall be liable to the consequences of non-compliance of IT act & IPC.

Source: The Economic Times

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