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Twitter to not accept the new IT norms?

Apart from Twitter, social media platforms like Google, Facebook, WhatsApp and Indian digital apps like ShareChat & KOO have complied with the new IT rules. The companies have shared the details of Chief Compliance Officers, Nodal contact persons and grievance officers. According to the Intermediary Guidelines & digital media ethics code the government has asked for all such details. Professional networking site like LinkedIn and Telegram have also shared the details with MeitY. However, there is an uncertainty with regards to the company following other IT rules which includes traceability of messages, voluntary verification and filtration of content concerned with child pornography or rape. WhatsApp had filed a lawsuit against the government in the Delhi High court regarding tracing the originator of flagged content. The company argued that this would mean breaking end-to-end encryption thus infringing the privacy of users along with hampering the fundamental right of speech. Meanwhile Twitter has not complied by the rules. Twitter has provided the details of a lawyer in India as their Nodal contact person & grievance officer. The details of Chief Compliance officer have not been sent across. Google CEO, Sundar Pichai told that they would be committed to the rules and produce a transparency report thereby. A US-based NGO says otherwise that traceability requirement would mean an end to end-to-end encryption which secured the digital privacy of users.

Source: The Economic Times

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