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U.K. Competition regulator CMA to own authority to remove browser cookies in chrome


UK competition regulator will have a say in Google’s plan to remove third-party browser cookies which are used to track people online. The Competition & Markets Authority is worried that this decision will impact the newspapers & other businesses that rely on personalized ads. Web cookies are small pieces of code that websites deliver to a visitor’s browser. They are used to track the online activity of persons. Third-party cookies are added by advertisers to serve people with personalized ads. Google is planning to scrap off the third-party cookies on its Chrome browser. The company has launched an initiative called “privacy sandbox” with the purpose of addressing privacy concerns about cookies. For the development of Privacy Sandbox, Google is committed to involving the CMA & the Information Commissioner’s Office. The CMA would first consult with “interested third parties” on whether to accept Google’s commitments. The move is the latest sign of CMA’s role in scrutinizing U.S. tech firms that are facing antitrust probes around the world. U.K. & European Union launched two such same probes into Facebook. Apple is also facing antitrust issues in Britain & Europe.

Source: CNBC

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