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U.S. Judge declines to dismiss Amazon allegations Trump interfered in JEDI contract

A U.S. Court of Federal Claims judge on Wednesday refused to dismiss’s (AMZN.O) claims alleging the Trump administration interfered in the Pentagon’s award of its $10 billion JEDI cloud computing contract to Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O). Judge Patricia E. Campbell-Smith disclosed her decision to reject motions to dismiss part of Amazon’s 2019 lawsuit by Microsoft and the U.S. Department of Justice, filed when Donald Trump was still president, but did not immediately make public her opinion. The Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure Cloud (JEDI) contract could reach as much as $10 billion and is part of a broader digital modernisation of the Pentagon aimed at making it more technologically agile. Amazon filed its lawsuit in November 2019, weeks after the contract was awarded to Microsoft. 

Source: Reuters

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