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U.S. Justice Department subpoenaed information on Democratic lawmakers


Apple Inc. has tightened its rules for responding to legal requests when the U.S. Justice Department during Donald Trump’s presidency subpoenaed it for information on Democratic lawmakers. As per the legal request Apple has instituted a limit of 25 identifiers such as email addresses or phone numbers. The New York Times reported on Thursday that federal prosecutors subpoenaed Apple & other companies as part of an investigating search for sources behind news media reports about contacts between Trump’s associates & Russia. The investigation targeted at least two Democrats on the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, aides & family members including a minor. Apple could not say what the nature of the investigation was but it only released basic information such as names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, connection logs & IP addresses. It did not provide the data about when & to whom the messages were sent. Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz will further investigate the department’s efforts under Trump to seize the communications data of lawmakers.

Source: Reuters

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