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US, Japan plan 5G push with eye on China in Biden’s first summit

President Joe Biden on Friday receives Japan’s prime minister for his first in-person summit, with the leaders expected to announce a $2 billion 5G initiative as part of a concerted US push to compete with China. China’s Huawei has taken an early dominance in fifth-generation internet, which is becoming an increasingly crucial part of the global economy, despite heavy US pressure on the company, which Washington argues poses threats to security and privacy in the democratic world. The official said it was appropriate that Suga was visiting two days after Biden made the momentous decision to withdraw from Afghanistan after 20 years, ending the longest-ever US war and the pullout will “free up time and attention and resources from our senior leadership and our military to focus on what we believe are the fundamental challenges in the 21st century and they lie fundamentally in the Indo-Pacific.

Source: Economic Times


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