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VR to impact the financial industry


The work-from-home culture has given a boost to virtual reality (VR) companies. Glimpse Group is one such company that has entered the VR business that includes telehealth, entertainment, learning programs for schools & businesses. A Morgan Stanley analyst, Andy Maggio told that day by day the technology of VR is improving. The resolution is double what it was five years ago. The hardware is lighter & easier to use. Many of the financial firms have worked with the technology but none of them have plans to tear down physical trading floors. The first VR program organised for traders in the 2017 conference was done by FlexTrade, a software creating company for financial companies. FlexTrade’s R&D team provides clients with augmented reality that includes a suite of data, charts & information where things are set in both the real & virtual worlds. VR can greatly influence the financial industry. The first one is traders where they break out from physical space. The second is observing data in a 3D view & overlay the data on top of each other. VR helps financial advisers to better explain the data. 

Source: CNBC

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