What another Year of Remote work will look like?


New questions pertaining to compensation and benefits are cropping up on Managers as companies are anticipating largely another remote work year.  According to Chief Executives, Board members and Corporate Advisers the item of priority in board meetings is the position concerning the future of work such as whether to reduce the salaries of employees who have left high cost cities. 

Among these, the companies are trying to resolve the question as to who should shoulder tax costs as employees move to new locations while working remotely? Ans what is the most effective way to support working parents?

According to the companies there is much at stake from happiness to productivity of employees and regulatory consequences if these kind of decisions are taken in a wrong way. The companies and the workers are grappling with tax concerns because of the relocation of employees from cities, states or countries. 

Facebook Inc. told last year that beginning from January, the companies would use its virtual private networks, or VPN, that employees use to access company systems so as to determine where they were working for tax purposes.

Source: Wall Street Journal


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