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Whatsapp to never adopt privacy policy like Apple


Privacy advocates, executives & experts are concerned regarding Apple’s new child-safety measures for its devices. The company has made a built-in software that enables to scan images users store on their devices as well as on Apple’s messaging & cloud platforms that will flag content related to child sexual abuse material (CSAM). Experts see it as a backdoor in Apple’s software that can be easily exploited by cybercriminals. This will hit a hammer on the end-to-end encryption which would be in the favour of government agencies but will put an end to user’s privacy. Whatsapp’s CEO Will Cathcart has also criticised Apple’s system that Whatsapp would never use such a system. Apple has built software that will hamper one’s privacy by accessing private photos on one’s phone that are not even shared with anyone. The system built by Apple is very convenient for the company & government to scan any private content. This will lead to countries putting regulations on this system. Apple’s update will be met by pushback from minorities. 

Source: Mint

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