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Will Facebook be largely beaten by Apple in near future?

On Monday, Apple revealed its new social features that will enhance the usability of iPhones & iPads with the launch of iOS 15. For the very first time, iPhone users will be able to hold FaceTime video calls with Android & Windows users. A feature called SharePlay will be launched which would allow users to hold a FaceTime call & watch a streaming movie, listen to music or share your screen with their contacts. IMessage now has got added features that make it easier to share web links, photos, Apple music tracks & Apple News articles with your contacts. Apple is now aiming towards creating a groundwork for social features that are designed in such a way that would work as Facebook & Instagram by securing the privacy of users. Zuckerberg considers Apple to be a tough competitor because of apps like FaceTime & iMessage that are inbuilt in more than 1 billion Apple gadgets throughout the world. Facebook had started an anti-Apple PR & advertising over a new iOS privacy feature that limits how companies like Facebook use personal data to send targeted ads. In Zuckerberg’s view, there are going to be two types of social sharing in near future: private communication such as messaging on Facebook, Whatsapp & Messenger & public communication like posts on Instagram or Facebook. The whole idea behind this up-gradation is why log into Facebook or Instagram when you can easily share photos, messages & videos on iOS 15?

Source: CNBC

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